Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Making A Custom Chopper Seat

Custom chopper seat for Pale Horse Kustoms, by Rusty Knuckles Leather

Making a custom seat is something that our small shop has grown to appreciate and enjoy. Much of our leather work focuses around music gear, but motorcycles have always been a true passion. Over the last year, more and more seat projects started to come through the door and we are now offering more expansive of an approach to handle custom needs. Our custom work focuses more on an illustrative style rather than a stylistic upholstery approach. 

Have a look at more of our leather work on Flickr

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Richie Ramone Drops His New LP, Cellophane With Rusty Knuckles Music In Conjunction via DC Jam Records

Richie Ramone Drops His New LP, Cellophane With Rusty Knuckles Music

Collectible Album Release Features Unique Black On Black Jacket — With Clear Cellophane Vinyl. This is sure to be a collectible for punk rock fans everywhere.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Husky Burnette Launches New Tour Dates

"We're doing a few Texas dates this week with our main man Puppy on the drums before the big tour starts. We'll also be hanging with our buddies Liz and Jared from Urban Pioneers this week, taping for a High On The Hog episode. 

Then, in April, our pal Joe Bent (White Trash Blues Revival/Left Lane Cruiser) will be in the drummer seat for the Spring Fling Detour 2017! Y'all give him a big ol' welcome into the fold and look for him to be opening some of the shows! We've got a damn cool tour planned with new merch and new songs so check out the updated dates below and we'll see y'all out there..."

4/06 Laureate Publick House, Loveland CO
4/08 Broken Shovels Farm, Henderson CO
4/09 Pookie's at Ideal Canyon Ranch, Walsenburg CO
4/12 Sports, McCook NE
4/13 Buffalo Records, Kearney NE
4/13 Gillie's Bar, Kearney NE
4/14 Barleycorn's, Wichita KS
4/15 Hi Lo, Oklahoma City OK
4/16 Lost Highway, Oklahoma City OK
4/19 Siberia, New Orleans LA
4/20 The Salty Goat, Panama City FL
4/21 The Salty Goat, Panama City FL
4/22 The Salty Goat, Panama City FL
4/23 Tattanooga Tattoo Expo, Chattanooga TN
4/27 Kegney Brothers, Lynchburg VA
4/28 Melody's, Beckley WV
4/29 McGarvey's, Altoona PA
5/05 PJ's Lager House, Detroit MI
5/06 Moonrunners Festival, Chicago IL
5/06 Gasoline, Green Bay WI
5/12  Crooked Smile Festival, Winchester IN
5/13 Conrad's Saloon, Riverton IL
5/18 Sunset Lanes, Portsmouth OH
5/19 Highlands Tap Room, Louisville KY
5/20 Southgate House Revival, Newport KY
5/26 Little Piney Fork's Songwriter Showcase, Zion AR
5/27 Kings, Conway AR
6/02 Voodoo Lounge, Huntsville AL
6/03 Goat Fest @New Roxy, Clarksdale MS
6/04 Goat Fest Hangover Party @Levon's, Clarksdale MS
6/08 Melody's, Beckley WV
6/09 Scooter's, Lititz Pa
6/10 The Tusk, Philadelphia PA
6/11 Brigantine Blues And Brews Festival, Brigantine NJ
6/14 10th Ave Burrito, Belmar NJ
6/16 Brew and Cue, Chattanooga TN
6/21 The Hi-Tone, Memphis TN
6/22 Davey's Uptown, Kansas City MO
6/23 Barleycorn's, Wichita KS
6/24 Buffalo Records, Kearney NE

Rick Barton of Continental Is Currently Recording At Muscle Shoals

Rick posing with guitarist Kelvin Lee Holly
"Muscle Shoals AL - Rick Barton is having the time of his life while working at the same time. When asked his about experience this far recording at Portside Sound Studio, Barton said, "There are many many spine tingling moments on this record." 

Portside Sound Studio is the same studio as the second incarnation of Muscle Shoals sound studio, which operated from 1978-1990 and was featured in the outstanding documentary about the legendary Alabama music scene. 

Barton met producer Kimi Samson while touring with Continental last Summer and was invited to record at the room by Samson. Daniel Murner is engineering the sessions.

One of the many perks of the studio for Barton has been being able to work with several local musicians including guitarist Kelvin Lee Holly (Little Richard, Gregg Allman, The Amazing Rhythm Aces).  

Barton, who is under contract with Rusty Knuckles Music, has relished in the moment. "It has been fucking mind blowing," said the original Dropkick Murphy's guitarist."

Custom Leather Motorcycle Seat For 2009 Harley Crossbones

Custom Leather Motorcycle Seat For 2009 Harley Crossbones
Custom seats take a great amount of time and thanks to Raymond in Virginia for the project! Gonna look great on your 2009 Harley Crossbones. Roll on hombre! Looking to have the full process video hopefully edited and live late next week for the build. Now the hard part, choosing the best tunes for it as a soundtrack.

Custom detail on tooled and painted leather seat

Custom Leather Motorcycle Seat For 2009 Harley Crossbones

Bottom side of  leather riveted to seat pan on a 2009 Harley Crossbones

Bottom side of  leather riveted to seat pan on a 2009 Harley Crossbones

Monday, March 27, 2017

Curio Set To Launch Brand New Album On April 14th

Curio Set To Launch Brand New Album On April 14th

Pre-order the brand new album from Curio

Curio's tales have been described as 'Midwest murder ballads' that depict the timeless narrative of wrong-doing and temptation. Chicago has historically been home to some of the most notorious cheats as well as tough-as-nails workin' folk and Curio walks the line between the rogue waltz of Prohibition-era bootleggers and the brute tenacity of the old Union Stock Yards butchers. Like their name implies, Curio is a collection of oddities whose sound has been weathered over the years.

1. Original Sin
2. Tall Tales
3. Ditch Diggin' Blues
4. Raise Some Hell
5. Bad Men & Bad Luck
6. Junkyard Crown
7. Born To Lose
8. Somethin' In The Barn
9. Nothin' But A Ruse

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Gold Web Enlivens Chicago Glam Rock

The Gold Web is Brian Selke, aka Dr. Weed, from left; Max Perenchio, aka Silver Wizard; Rich Lombardo, aka Goldilox; and Jake Serek, aka St. Snake. (Courtesy of The Gold Web)

Art is more important than ever for Chicago musicians.

Just ask Max Perenchio of The Gold Web. The glam rock project may seem like a cultural throwback in a city filled with generic garage rock bands, but Perenchio said the group has greater cultural, social and political goals than its appearance might suggest.

The transition from traditional rock band to glam rock was a quick one for the group. After touring with classic glam rock band Kiss in a different band, Perenchio began incorporating costumes and other extravagant looks into his aesthetic, adopting a character (Silver Wizard) in the process. Other members of The Gold Web followed suit.

"It turned the whole band experience into a ritual where every single show, you're putting on 9-inch platforms and wigs and makeup," he said. "There's something about this energy where you can kind of be whoever you want to be, even if it's just for one night."

Haunting Driftwood Sculptures By Japanese Artist Nagato Iwasaki

Nagato Iwasaki is one of those artists you don’t know much about. But his art talks for itself.

The Japan-based artist creates incredible driftwood sculptures. Each of his human-shaped figures can both mesmerize and scare you. The artist manages to create an uneasy feeling using nothing but wood and you can be sure, that if you’d stumble upon one of these sculptures at night, you’d go sleepless for days.

More info: | Facebook

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Forgotten New Yorker who Changed the ‘80s Music Scene

Ruth Polsky at Danceteria

When the members of New Order arrived in New York for their first North American gigs in 1980, they were greeted by a booking agent, a drug supplier, a tour guide and their own personal chef — all of whom were the same woman.

The Brits were just one of dozens of new wave and post-punk acts imported across the Atlantic by New Yorker Ruth Polsky. During her tenure as a talent booker at seminal Manhattan nightclubs Hurrah on West 62nd Street (1979 to 1982) and Danceteria on West 21st Street (1982 to 1986), she was the first to take chances on then-unknown bands such as Simple Minds, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Smiths, the Psychedelic Furs and many more. With disco and rock still dominant in the charts, Polsky had a rare ear for fresh sounds, and took chances in bringing them to the United States before most other club bookers would dare.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album

When the final track of your life finishes playing, how would you like to be remembered? Do you want to be buried and forgotten like a bad solo album? Or would you like to be encased for posterity like a big platinum record? Or maybe you hope to continue being heard, like a legendary musician that lives on forever. Well, if you hope to have your song play long after you’ve left the recording studio of life, there’s a way for that to happen–literally–by having your ashes pressed into a vinyl record.